It is the year 1999, and Sigmar’s empire lies in tatters. Three have laid claim to the title of Emperor, but even the most backwards country peasant knows that the Elector Counts are the only ones who hold any real power, and that is limited to the reach of their armies.

Sigmar’s church, likewise, holds a fraction of the influence it once had. At best, the former faithful are turning to the old faiths of their ancestors. At worst, they have let the madness and despair of their times drive them into the ever-waiting embrace of the Ruinous Powers.

Throughout the cities of the Old World, the street-corner preachers and doomsayers cry out that the end times are approaching. Yet, from the blackness of the night sky, a symbol of hope appears – a twin tailed comet – the same celestial sign that heralded Sigmar’s arrival nearly 2000 years ago. The astrologers have plotted it’s course, and believe that it will make landfall somewhere near the city of Mordheim. From across the Empire, people make their way to the shining city to bear witness to the birth of a new age, one which will bring the Empire’s salvation. . . or it’s destruction.

WHFRP - Salvation From a Twin-Tailed Comet